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The difference between single-core and multi-core wires


1. Construction is different. When wiring, it is more convenient to connect single core wire, but more complicated to lay multi-core wire.  

2. Applicability is different. If you need to lay mobile lines, it is best to choose multi-core wires. If it is long distance laying, then it is best to choose single core wire, so as to ensure that the wiring is not easy to be damaged.  

3. If the cross-sectional area of single-core wire and multi-core wire is the same, then the current-carrying capacity of multi-core wire is larger than that of single-core wire, and the power will be higher.  

4. Price: The price of multi - core wire is more expensive than single - core wire.  

5. Different scope of application. If it is used for strong current, it is best to choose single core wire, if it is weak current, choose multi-core wire.