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What is the performance of marine cables?


With the improvement of electrification, the application of marine cables is becoming more and more extensive. Common marine cables are the wires used for power and lighting of various ships in various rivers and seas, ships, and offshore oil platforms. cable. Damage to the insulation of marine cables and wires may cause serious consequences. Generally, ships are metal hulls, and cables and wires are laid on metal hulls or components. If grounding occurs, the grounding resistance is often very small, which may cause serious short-circuit faults. In addition, there are many crew members on the ship, whether in peacetime or wartime, crew activities are frequent, and cables and wires are scattered in various cabins, and the cabin space is narrow. Therefore, the insulation performance of cables and wires directly affects the safety of crew members. . In modern ships, the amount of marine cables and wires is very large, which has a great impact on the weight, size and cost of the entire power system. Therefore, the correct selection of marine cables and wires for ships is very important.