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Safety requirements of Welding Cable 2

(6) Welding Cable should be used as a whole, and there should be no joints in the middle. If it is necessary to use short wires to connect to a long length, there should be no more than 2 connectors.
When connecting a long cable, the connector should be firmly connected, and the connection should be well insulated.
(7) It is strictly forbidden to use the metal structures, pipes, tracks or other metals of the factory building to be used as guides.
Line use.
(8) Do not place the welding cable next to the hot weld metal near the arc to avoid burning the insulation
Floor. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid rolling abrasion, etc., and it is forbidden to contact the welding cable with combustible materials such as oil and grease.
(9) The connection between the welding cable and the welding machine must use copper (or aluminum) wire lugs to avoid secondary terminals
The board burned out, causing a fire.
(10) The insulation of welding cables should be checked regularly every six months.
(11) Due to the high voltage of the power cord connecting the welding machine and the switchboard, in addition to ensuring good insulation, its
The length should not exceed 3m. If a longer wire is really needed, safety measures at intervals should be taken, that is,
Lay porcelain bottles along the wall above 25m from the ground. It is strictly forbidden to lay the power cord along the ground.
People muddy water.