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Welding Cable safety requirements

(1) Welding cables should have good conductivity and insulating outer layer. Generally use copper core (multi-strand
Thin wire) The wire is made of a rubber insulating sleeve, and the insulation resistance is not less than IMn.
(2) It is light and soft, can be bent and twisted arbitrarily, and is easy to operate.
(3) Welding cables should have good resistance to mechanical damage, oil resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, etc.
(4) The length of the welding cable should be determined according to the specific situation. Too long voltage drop increases, too short to
It is not convenient to work. Generally, the cable length is 20-30m.
(5) There must be an appropriate cross-sectional area. The cross-sectional area of the welding cable should be based on the size of the welding current.
Determined to choose. In order to ensure that the wire does not overheat and burn the insulation layer, the cross section of the cable and the maximum use of electricity
The flow is shown in the table below.