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Introduction to the development trend of Marine Cable

The survey shows that the world shipbuilding center is accelerating its transfer to China. my country's Yangtze River Delta region, relying on its geographical advantages at the intersection of its golden waterways and the Gold Coast, has become a gathering area for investment transfers in the world's shipbuilding industry. The international market is affected by the external economic environment and will experience a short-term downturn compared with previous years. However, the domestic shipbuilding industry will continue to thrive. Affected by the implementation of my country's ocean development strategy, the domestic shipbuilding industry faces huge room for development.
The rapid development of my country's shipbuilding industry will further stimulate the market demand for Marine Cable. Affected by the working environment of ships, the cables used on ships are basically halogen-free, low-smoke, and salt-resistant special cables. In offshore platform operations, longitudinal water-sealed cables and umbilical cables will be widely used. The overall Marine Cable industry in my country will also be greatly increased by the development of the shipbuilding industry at home and abroad; and the market demand for special wire and cable and fiber optic cable for military ships, underwater vehicles, torpedoes, underwater decoys, and underwater reconnaissance devices will also increase. Will increase drastically. In addition, the maintenance of ships and the construction of related facilities such as docks will also provide a lot of market demand for other commonly used wires and cables.