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Selection criteria for Welding Cable (1)

1) Look at the label.
The content of the Welding Cable certificate produced by a regular manufacturer should include: 3C certification mark, certification number, model specification, implementation standard, rated voltage, wire length, production date, producer, inspector, factory name, factory address, fixed telephone, anti-counterfeiting Marking etc. The labels of counterfeit products are often unclear or incomplete.
2) Look at the surface.
The plastic outer skin of the national standard Welding Cable is soft and smooth, and the color is uniform. On its surface, there should also be several items printed on the product certificate, such as: 3C certification mark, certification number, model, rated voltage, executive standard, factory name, etc. At the same time, the handwriting must be clear and not easy to erase.
3) Try bending.

A Welding Cable head can be used to repeatedly bend it by hand. Anything that has a soft hand, good fatigue resistance, a plastic or rubber hand and no cracks on the wire insulator is a premium product. The insulation layer of fake wires looks very thick, but in fact, most of them are made of recycled plastic. As long as you squeeze a little harder, the squeezed part will become white, and there will be disconnection after 4-6 times of bending;