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The length of the Audio Cable will affect the overall sound of the audio system


For Audio Cable, the one with strong control and clear voice should be the first choice. In theory, the wire should be short to get better results. Some people say: Audio Cable performs particularly well in a specified length, and pointed out that this is related to the length of the sound wave, but those who oppose this argument point out that different frequencies have different wavelengths, and they are far from each other. So how does a fixed-length Audio Cable cater to different wavelengths and determine its proper length? Besides, the wavelength has nothing to do with the transmission quality of the Audio Cable. In fact, the piston movement of the horn unit is obviously restricted by the damping coefficient value of the amplifier. If the audio cable is too long, which results in greater resistance, it will greatly reduce the damping coefficient of the amplifier, making it difficult to control the swelling of the sound. Therefore, the shorter the signal line and Audio Cable, the better, because its own distortion will be reduced. In short, a high-quality Audio Cable with a moderate length can shorten the distance between the amplifier and the speaker, the low frequency is compact and controlled, and the music melody is distinct. For some long Audio Cables, although the sense of hearing will not have much impact on the system, they cannot control the linear piston action of the speaker unit. However, the Audio Cable should not be too short. If the Audio Cable is too short, the distance between the two speakers will be too close, which will cause problems such as inability to call out the sound field and turbid left and right channels.