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How much influence does Speaker Cable have on sound quality?


When you invest a large sum of money in the audiophile speaker online, the ultimate goal is to make the music signal unchanged during the transmission process, that is, zero distortion; but in actual use, there are resistors, capacitors, inductances, etc. inside them , It will have an impact on the passing music signal, causing the signal to form under-damping in the transmission, missing music information and blurring details. The well-designed Speaker Cable can transmit the clearest and lossless music signals, and has the characteristics of balance and easy control. Any Speaker Cable can be equivalent to a distributed system composed of resistors, capacitors and inductors. Due to memory capacitors and inductors Therefore, Speaker Cable has its special frequency characteristics, which means that different frequency signals will produce different time extensions, which will cause different transmission rates and different impedances. This is the most important cause of signal distortion. reason.